Who does not want to steal the spotlight at a party. Do you not want to be the center of attraction. This might not be your personality. If you are a shy person you too can be the life of the party. Here are a few tips on how you can pump up a party and be the reason why the party is so lively. You can be the person everyone waits for to begin a party:-

  1. Introduce yourself

As soon as you enter, make sure you break the ice between you and the guests. Introduce yourself get to know them and know them too. Everyone likes a person who is open and loves to talk.

  1. Talk it up and entertain

If you stand against the wall, no one will come talk to you. You have to go around talking to people. Make conversation. Jokes are an excellent way to talk to people. Make your presence felt.

  1. Smell good

Always smell good. People will love being around you. If you smell bad, people will avoid. Women love men that smell good. It is a party, everyone is already tipsy. Good aroma attracts women.

  1. Enjoy yourself irrespective of what is happening around you

If you are going to a party, there will be drama. You just don’t have to be a part of it. Enjoy yourself and dance off limits. Do not sit to solve problems. Just be own your own trip. Talk to anyone and everyone and be yourself.

  1. Mind your body language

Always beware of your body language. Walk around during parties. Do not sit in one place. Your body language transmits a message. Shake hands, hi-fi, are all welcoming signs. Make the other person feel comfortable with whatever you do.

  1. Have a drink, do not go overboard

It’s nice to have a drink, but do not go overboard. If you go overboard, you just end up making a fool of yourself. Have a drink. It will make you feel happy. Have a drink enough, to go about socializing and having fun.

  1. Be the pseudo DJ

It is great to suggest music at a party. Make sure latest music gets played, so people appreciate and compliment you. Music keeps the party going.


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