Your social circle defines a lot about you. After family, your friends are responsible for molding you into what you are. All you come across is a lot of fake friends they say. How do you know when these friends are fake. You cannot determine that, but all you can do, is be a true friend. That’s what most people need. How to be a true and caring friend? Here are a few tips:-

  1. Make them feel wanted

Not all kinds of friends will tell you what they feel. A few suffer silently. As a good friend, you must know what’s bothering them. Make them feel wanted and loved. Do not take friends for granted. If you make them feel loved, you will get that in return.

  1. Do without expecting anything in return

If you want to see them happy, do so with an open mind. Do without expecting anything in return. That’s when you get true happiness. The moment you start expecting, be ready to face disappointment. You will not always get what you give. And that’s when there could be issues among friends.

  1. Go an extra mile to help

Who does not need help in worse times? Though your friends do not tell you they need help, you must understand. If they ask you for a little amount, give them much more. You never know how these friends will be there for you, when you are a mess. Close or far friend, be there for everyone.

  1. Trust them and learn to forgive

Trust your friends. If you don’t, you are going to have a hard time in keeping the relationship going. You have got to be open and transparent. If you trust them, they will learn to trust you. At times, they may have to lie. Understand the situation. Everyone deserves a second chance. Learn to forgive. Work out tough situations.

  1. Bring a smile on their face

Be an angel. Make them smile. The world is such that we rarely have reasons to smile. Keep your friends happy. Small acts will help do so. Do not be a boring friend. Even if you have problems of your own, make others happy and notice how happy you get in return.

  1. Understand, do not judge

Not everything will go according to how you planned your friendship. It is unpredictable. Give yourself and your friends some time, before you rush into something. Understand and give them time. Do not just jump to a conclusion if they are not giving you time. Be patient. Time heals




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