Halloween is around the corner. If you have a variety of parties to attend, you must also have a few ideas in mind with regards to your costume. Just so it does not get too repetitive. Hence, here are is a list of Halloween costume ideas, that will leave the others shocked and star struck:-

  1. Social butterfly

This could be the most trending Halloween costume idea. All you have to do is take a plain T-shirt, stick some pictures of social media sites on them. And of course, do not forget the antenna and wings.

  1. Cat woman

Easy and simple. You have to wear a black one piece outfit. Attach a tail and cat ears too. Whiskers will be cool too.

  1. Superwoman

Not just men are super heroes. As a woman, dress as superwoman. You have to dress in the super woman outfit.

  1. Shrek and Fiona

Get the green face paint. And everyone knows what Fiona looks like. Be the perfect couple at Halloween that you already are.

  1. Mermaid

This is a pretty cute idea. Leave your hair loose. A cute bra will work wonders as well as a crotchet bottom in the form of a tail.

  1. Slutty nurse

Just dressing up as a nun is too mainstream. Dress as a slutty nurse instead. Here you will wear something that is quite tight and accentuates your cleavage. Go for it if you are comfortable.

  1. Dead chef

Now this is a pretty scary idea that no one will actually think of. Dress in a white chef outfit, with a chef hat of course and a knife slit half way through your chest. Paint yourself a little red trying to show blood.

  1. Joker

Do not always dress as a good person. It is okay to be the villain sometimes. If you are a batman fan, become joker. Design your own outfit with a twist or just hire one.

  1. Zombie

Though this is very common now, dress as a zombie. The best part about it is that you can be unique in your own way. Try your own twist.

  1. Regan from Exorcist

It’s now time to freak them out. Dress as Regan from exorcist. You have got to be scary, not funny. Get your makeup on point.


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