What is life without fashion? With such craze in the field of the fashion industry, trends are popular. They come and go with the season. And you as millennial, just want to follow these trends and nonetheless, keep track of what’s coming next, next season. Trends do not just follow with regards to clothing, but with anything you use to out yourself a bar above the rest. These could be your clothes, shoes, hair, and accessories. Lately, there has been all this fascination with hairstyles and existing hair stylists. Here are a few hairstyle trends that could be happening this year :

  1. A Bob

This has been trending since the 90s. And probably a bob will never go out of style. A bob could be paired with a really good dressing sense like a loose top and boyfriend jeans. It is about ear length yet classic and easy.

  1. Curls

Don’t cut those loose curls, let them swirl. Avoid brushing curly hair if you don’t want to lose on the texture. You can either have it bushy or let loose, depending on how you like it.

  1. Fringes

Fringes categorize as a cute hairstyle. If you don’t mind hair in your eyes go for short fringes. But if you do, try them even shorter. Probably go for a punk, edgy look. This will give your character some sharp features.

  1. Braids

This hairstyle is old school. You can style a braid on literally any outfit if you know how to carry it. A romantic hairstyle could be set up with a pretty bow.

  1. Beach waves

You don’t need to get on a beach to get these. Just get your curling wand out and maybe some tan and there you are, free to go looking like a beach Goddess. Wet waves are yet another good idea but you got to be careful with how you treat your hair.

  1. A Bun

A top knot could go from anything that is undone and messy to a perfect ballerina bun. Well, of course, it varies depending on the outfit you are wearing and the occasion you will be attending.

  1. Crimping

This is a really bold step. If you crimp your hair, you have already set the bar. A crimped hairstyle will at first not suit everyone. It works great for those with thin hair because it will create a kind of volume to your hair.

  1. Perming

If you kind of like curls you should go for these half has done girls. You will look like an 80s girl. It greatly helps control the frizz giving you a not so curly but curly look adding good volume to your hair.

  1. Ponytails

These aren’t going anywhere. The easiest, yet sassy hairstyle. Go for a high ponytail if you want straight hair, the higher the better.  A low one will make you have to work on the ends

  1. Glass hair

Lately with celebs this has been the most trending. A shorter than shoulder length bob could be curled or left straight. This hairstyle will make you forget all other hairstyles.






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