First impression is the last impression, it is said. And men have got to be careful about the way they dress and look. Not just men, this applies to the women too. Grooming well will take you places. Look good, talk good do that people like being around you. However, something may go wrong sometimes. And these are the few mistakes you must avoid.

  1. Keep the hair short

This is with regards to any hair. Be it facial hair, nose hair or the hair on your head. Keep it short so you look presentable. You look smart and it is unhygienic, of course.

  1. Poor use of beauty products

With the emergence of beauty products, these are being used carelessly. You must check the product and research well before use. If you do not do so, you will have to face the consequences that could get bad.

  1. Body odor

As men you engage in a lot of physical activity so you may sweat. Be clean. If you want to attract a good crowd, avoid body odour. Use a good perfume or eat some green healthy food.

  1. The greasy look

A few men, most of them actually have a kind of oily look all the time. Make sure you use the right products to help avoid the same. Look clean and neat. Your personality matters the most.

  1. Too much Cologne

Too much Cologne is also something you will not be comfortable around. Use the right amount of it. Use a mild perfume. Today, perfume could go from aftershave to body scrubs too.

  1. Choose the right outfits

Do not wear clothes that will stick to your body. Wear loose clothes. Choose clothes that will match your body type. Go for trousers, joggers, formals and some good shades.

  1. Beware of your feet

Trim your nails regularly. As men with all the traveling and work, your feet often start to stink. At times, it could just be the shoes you wear. Select the right pair. Wash your feet daily.

  1. Perfectionism is not your thing

Go casual, stay stress free. This is a manly attitude that you should learn to carry. Walk well, do not overdo it with your clothes or outfits.




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