Every individual starts small. You have to overcome hurdles and obstacles. Success does not come overnight. You work on small things, correct mistakes to finally be a bigger person. Life has much to offer, if only you want to gain most of it. Work hard towards whatever you want to achieve. Do not remain stagnant. Grow towards your maximum potential. There are no limits to what you achieve. Keep growing. Here is the transition to how a model goes from being just a model to an actress. Modeling is not an easy process. Every model undergoes tremendous struggle. Similarly, while going from a model to an actor or actress, it goes from showcasing yourself to representing someone else while acting:+

  1. Read up

Research is most essential when it comes to experiencing transition. Experiencing transition is like going through a complete change in lifestyle. Therefore, it’s better you catch up with the professionals. Read books, magazines, blogs and articles all over the internet. But most importantly get in touch with real professionals in the field. They will talk through experience. Know about everything right from scratch. Keep yourself informed and make your decisions wisely.

  1. Train yourself

Every field of industry you get into required training. Training that brings out the next in you. Training will help you understand what exactly you are getting into and thereby prepare you for the best. It is mandatory you take acting classes. For models you are already comfortable being in front of the camera. But for actors, you must learn how to accept another character, learn a script, speak without looking into the camera and so much more. Moreover, when you intern with professionals you learn so much.

  1. Build connections

Anywhere, you have got to build networks. Learn how your industry functions. Meet agents and other actors who will help you get to where you want to be. Seek advice from whoever you are currently working with in order to become a model or an actor.

  1. Prepare yourself for the struggle

Nothing comes easy. You must learn about the hardships you will encounter on your journey.

You must know that your transition comes with ups and downs. Not everyone will be as accepting about your job as you. People will comment, criticize and look down on you. Do not get discouraged. Remember haters will always be there. When you are doing good not everybody will see it that way.

Use inspirational stories as a sort of motivation and make sure your journey will be smooth.


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