Fashion never grows out of style. It is one constant want in a person’s life. Clothes are an essential . But the way a man styles his apparels is fashion. And today ,in a materialistic era ,fashion is one thing that will never grow old. Fashion is basically everything ,from how we carry ourselves in our apparels to even our action and words. Yes , you may hear alot of criticism coming. But nevertheless ,if grooming yourself every morning makes you feel good about yourself ,do it! Stating below are a few reasons why fashion will always be on the top.

  1. The influence of an urban society

In ancient times , fashion was underrepresented. People wore clothes that had some cultural significance or status associated. But today , fashion is about expressing yourself. Our society accepts us according to the way we dress. And thus ,there is a pressure to remain stylish. However ,what we insist is ,be yourself and society will adapt.

  1. Teenagers and fashion

Fashion has literally put young children under it’s spell. Fashion is the key word for teenagers. Teenagers  are good enough to invent their own style. Right from the clothes they wear ,to the bags they choose , moreover , even the bags they choose are all a influence of fashion itself. The internet is one source of information on this topic for teenagers. And in the bargain ,they neglecting all the other important work to be done.

  1. The rise of brands

This area is not only affecting the affluent class ,but almost everyone in society. The craze to buy clothes that are branded ,is just trending among youth. But why not buy something that is a little expensive and yet durable and stylish?

  1. Designers and stylists

We are surrounded by such talented designers and stylists that are only working to make us look better . They have created such a shift in the world of fashion , that today ,we have clothes in different sizes , styles , catering to the need of one and all. Also ,not forgetting fashion bloggers ,who we continue to draw inspiration from.

  1. Diversity in clothing

Considering the variety in the types of clothes ,prints ,colors ,floral ,stripes ,etc. there is a kind of curiosity and excitement not only among teenagers but the old too. Also ,with the re entry of fashion that we thought was almost outdated , people only want to experiment and have fun with clothes.





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