They were never considered fashionable. But today, they are! Our stylists and designers are doing their best at getting the 80s and 90s back in trend. And undoubtedly ,they have managed. Once holding a particular significance ,today are used to walk down the ramp ,with all that glamour and fame . While some work only for a short season ,the others work throughout the year. Here are a few outfits that have created a major comeback:-

  1. Neon

Neon was trending during the 90s . During the disco era ,you would spot most celebrities on the screen dressed in colors hitting the eye. And today , drawing inspiration from the same ,you will find outfits ,shoes ,tops , even cosmetics in shades of flashy neon.

  1. Palazzo

Loose bell-bottoms in different colors ,were once worn by celebrities on screen. Palazzos are worn by the young and old today. You can pair it with a crop top or even as ethnic. Something you can wear outdoors or for any music festival .

  1. Denims

Denims once considered outdated ,today have made their way back. They come in ranging outfits right from jackets to skirts. Denim jackets go on everything and perfect layers. A skirt suits anyone irrespective of the age ,body and personality .

  1. Lace

This unique handiwork of clothing never gets out of style. This delicate piece of clothing then , today is worn by most popular celebrities as formal clothing . Moreover ,laced lingerie is something trending in the market.

  1. Sequin and shine

Sequin and shimmer was fashion in the 90s . But today , in spite of being outdated for a certain phase bare carried well by models on the ramp.

  1. Athleisure

Though track pants ,were once used for only sports purpose today ,are considered stylish , comfortable and breezy . Also , jackets and joggers come among the cool outfits and cater to rock and jazz.





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