Fashion has evolved for the better. Designers all over the world are doing their best to make your apparels look better. Not just celebrities ,but also cater to the common audience. From wearing bell bottoms to shorts today , fashion has transformed a great deal. However ,what is astonishing is that fashion in the 90s is also making a way back today. We notice change mostly in the fashion trends related to women. From women being conservative with dressing ,to women today ,who are confident and do not hesitate a bit to flaunt their best side. It is fascinating to see how fashion has taken some exciting turns over the past centuries:-

  1. Jeans

Let’s talk about how we have upgraded from the loose bell bottoms in the 90th century to the 20th century jeans that serve our digital needs. We have pockets for coins ,our phones and a pocket to slip in every tiny thing. Jeans come in forms of ripped , boyfriend and denims. You can wear anything depending on your liking and choice. Jeans that ate skinny and comfortable while those that are baggy are both available.

  1. Jumpsuits

Whatever your taste is ,there is a jumpsuit for you. You can wear as jumpsuit to a formal event or an outing with friends. Jumpsuits are perfect for those lazy days ,when you cannot think of outfits to wear. Just hop out of bed and dress in a jumpsuit.

  1. Kimonos

Who knew the traditional clothing in Japan would emerge as a fashion trend? The kimono , a light piece of cloth is perfect for a hot day. Not just that ,you can use a kimono as a layer over anything casual that you wear beneath. Don’t worry too much about the accessories. Tie your hair up in a messy bun and you are off to go.

  1. Tuxedo

Let’s take  a break from women’s clothing . The emerging fashion trends are also noticed in men’s clothing. Tuxedos are a two or three piece suit for evening wear and formal dinner. Also worn for proms ,a ball or a concert ,a tuxedo is the perfect outfit for a gentleman.

  1. A backless dress

Women were never really comfortable in a backless dress. Today , however ,backless dress is the trend. We see variations on how deep the back can be exposed , depending on the level of comfort. This is also noticed in the line of ethnic fashion with regards to women’s cholis that they wear on a saree.

  1. Oversized fashion

Oversized fashion is not just displayed in clothing ,but accessories as well. Bulky glasses came to be another piece of trending fashion. Oversized bags ,t-shirts ,dresses and jewelry are all preferred by most women today.


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