Teenagers engage with friends and cliques at work or other social groups. There is so much of interaction and learning that takes place. Fashion brands this, become very popular among teenagers. It is more of a want, than a need. Teenagers have a preference towards a particular brand. These brands offer clothing that meets their requirements. And over time, these brands are becoming very popular among both boys and girls. Here is a list of such brands:-

  1. Forever 21

Lately, the brand has gained so much recognition among teenagers. A new label called Forever New, also provides a good collection, provided has hefty prices. The brand has clothes that are stylish and chic.

  1. H&M

A Swedish company, including fast fashion clothing for men, women and children, too. The clothes are comfortable, stylish, with prints and some vibrant colours.

  1. Urban outfitters

You not only find clothes and accessories, for teenagers, but necessary audio hears too. American multinational, with awesome clothing, as well as audio equipments in unique designs.

  1. Adidas

The second largest sportswear brand, after Nike. You find a collection of rare collection from shoes, to accessories and clothes as well.

  1. Nike

Athleisure is stylish clothing and is trending among teenagers, today. Right from hoodies, tracks, shorts, dresses, you will find some comfortable clothing that is reasonable and attractive.

  1. Pac sun

Though the brand faced bankruptcy, it still continues to be popular among teenagers. The brand comes to be for teenager clothing, swimwear, jeans, footwear and accessories.

  1. Levis

The top denim brand, Levis is popular among teenagers for its fit and style. Moreover, it suits all body type. Collection of different styles shades and never really run out of style.

  1. Zara

Not just popular in India, but around the world. Zara is a stylish, luxury clothing brand. Offers the latest fashion, right from footwear to clothing.

  1. Rue 21

Affordable prices and update their clothing to meet growing trends. Sell everything teen desires especially that you might not get elsewhere.

  1. Lulu lemon

Expensive yet worth the quality and design. Own really good jeans, clothing for yoga and undergarments, too


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