Fashion does not just mean wearing something revealing or stylish. Instead anything that grabs your attention ,makes you feel comfortable and confident in ,is fashion. Basically ,it depends on how well you carry yourself. The wear you dress ,is the way you try and express yourself and identity. It’s al about you. Your choices and what you make of it. Not everyone has to like it. Fashion for different people mean different things. It varies across gender ,class ,race and even cultures. Fashion ranges across different cultures. Every culture possesses a unique sense of fashion that they think defined them . Below are a few examples and the also the sense of culture they share :-


African fashion is all about prints and patterns. So does it include a lot of vibrant colours. It ranges from long dresses to some weird hairdos. The clothing of Nigerian men and women includes loose trousers and loose wrap around skirts respectively. Men wear these round caps called , Fula and women wear colourful wrappers called abaya.It has got a lot to do with long gowns and head wraps are quite prominent.


The most famous fashionable outfit ,of course , very well known ,is the kimono. It is also their traditional clothing. Kimonos are not heavy fabrics ,but really light. They range in different colours and styles. A few versions are also used as a layer over other regular outfits. Today ,the outfits are tailored in a western way ,that features colours and designs. Overall ,it is just loose ,no buttons ,and loose wide sleeves.

  1. ASIA

India has always been an inspiration to the fashion industry, worldwide. Fashion in India includes colours , fabrics and alot more. Jewelry in India is very profound.Fashion is a form of art ,in Asia. Sarees in different styles , fabrics and colours is the essence of an Indian women. Because the culture in India is conservative and believes in modest clothing.  Today however , society is westernized and the need for western clothing ,that is fashionable and stylish has increased. This includes jeans ,dresses ,jackets and alot of accessories including scarfs ,glasses and much other.


English men and women come with an elegant style of clothing. With regards to accessories ,hats and sunglasses are most common. With regards to accessories it is headbands or headdresses. They wear clothes that reflect the landscape ,theme based and are often sophisticated. Waistcoats and blazers are also among the trending outfits.


The older , the better. The French have an antique or vintage look to their outfits. French clothing is mostly worn as a part of celebration and folklore .




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