Modeling seems like an industry full of glamour, fame and luxury. But nothing comes easy. If you want to be a model, you should know what it is really like to be one. The life of a model is just like one of us. The fashion industry is demanding and today, has certain expectations from their models. Modeling agencies do their best to train their models and help them reach full potential. And yet there are certain things that most people are unaware of, or misconceive. Here are a few facts about modeling listed below:-

  1. It’s okay to eat

Do you know of the many models who suffer eating disorders? Being a model puts this constant pressure of being thin and lean. But that’s not true. You can eat how much you want, whatever you like, whenever you want. Models living on celery and tea are just a myth.

  1. Models do not look like that in reality

The glamour and pretty face is only in pictures. In reality, models are just like you and me. All the makeup and camera effects make them what they actually are. And it is not as glamorous as it looks.

  1. Models don’t get paid for all shoots

While you are just a fresher, you are made to compensate on a lot. Models in the making are made to attend a number of shoots and not paid at all. This goes for a several months at times. However, models consider this as experience.

  1. Work in stressful environments

Models work at odd hours, are called urgently at times and have to be present. Moreover, they work in extremely hot or cold conditions with clothes that barely suit the climate. Uncomfortable poses, innumerable shots can also get really stressful.

  1. You don’t always get what you expect

You may think that models get to keep the clothes, shoes and accessories thru wear. That is not true. You may expect a certain type of a shoot, but the photographer may ask you for a different pose. Shoots are not very regular. It takes tremendous effort to get frequent bookings.

  1. Drama follows models wherever they go

If you are a model, stereotypes come in the package. The fact is, whoever belong to the film industry have to encounter a certain level of drama. Models are often said to get into drugs and a lot of partying, which may not be true. Comments and remarks on models in particular and about the career in general are also common, today.

  1. Competition exists and is not a permanent profession

Teenagers today are mostly working to be models. And most of them are meeting the requirements of the fashion industry. Thus, competition is on the rise. Even if you enroll with modeling agencies, your job is not guaranteed. Being a model itself, is not a very long lasting profession.


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