No one really finds the need to put exercise as priority. Out of the already many things to do ,it’s not difficult its easy to cut down on your daily exercise. There are a few who are really keen on exercising but literally have no time. And therefore , being busy and having to compromise on exercise may be an issue. Here are 7 exercises for the people who can now definitely not miss out on exercise in spite of the busy schedule:-

  1. Stretches

Leaving the house early morning to work , can be a hassle. But I one should use that time to stretch and involve your muscles in some kind of workout. Some neck exercises such a tilting your head , moving your shoulders one side to another in circular motion , could help. At work while at the desk , stretch your arms ,pull your fingers , for a duration of at least 3 seconds. Stretch your body, flex your ankle by pointing your toes upward. Continue this several times in a day.

  1. Squats

While at your chair at work , use it as support as to how low you can go. Maintain a posture while you squat. Keep your toes pointed forward ,push your butt outwards ,sit down halfway. The pressure should be enough on your heels. Squats are the most effective to help build muscles ,tone your thighs ,legs and reduce fat. Do single leg squats ,to obtain better results. Around 15 squats in sets of 3 is suggested.

  1. Calf raises

It’s time you sneak workout at your workplace. Calf raises can be done while sitting and standing. Calf raises help build muscles of the lower leg , helping build stronger calves. Improves balance and enhances better ankle stability.

  1. Yoga

During a schedule ,it’s time you should shut your eyes and do some meditation. Yoga improves flexibility , reduces anxiety ,stress and enhances sleep quality. Also , over other exercises saves you the risk of injury. Along with physical ,yoga has some spiritual and mental benefits. You don’t need a yoga mat ,to strike a yoga pose.

  1. Chair dips

Take a minute ,get off your chair. How to do them? The word says it all. Way to build your triceps ,upper arms and abdomen. Better then ordinary dips and you can adhere to a variation depending on your resistance and  gradually increase difficulty level.

  1. Lift weights

Lifting weights is a smart workout option. Lift a few light weights as you work on your laptop. Repeated rounds will help reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life and improves body posture. Also ,helps elevate stress and enhances mood.

  1. Walking/Running

If you stay close to work , avoid using a car / bike. If you’re late to work , jog to work. It is healthy to stroll around and interact with your colleagues , rather than sticking to your cubicle. Will improve your mood , prevents diseases ,improves appetite ,works as a warm up and prevents muscular injury.






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