Fashion travels through various continents ,countries meeting different cultures and subcultures. There’s so much to learn and so much to give. Must notice how fashion has evolved over the years. From wearing a simple salwar kameez over the years ,to having such vivid diversity in fashion. Moreover ,fashion in the past is becoming very popular today. This diversity is more prevalent among the women. And this change can be noticed in the social and political spheres. Here are a few areas in which fashion has evolved over the years:-

  1. The ancient age

In the ancient regime ,fashion was a cultural practice. It was related to deities and gods and religious practices. The use of muslin cloth was very prominent. Thereafter ,tailored garments became very popular. The mother goddess wore only a piece of cloth and was covered with jewels . The rig veda emphasized the use of leaves and barks.

  1. The age of rules and regimes

The development of khadi ,a hand woven material beame vey popular. After the 1920s ,women switched from heavy clothing to something very comfortable. Also , people started focusing on hairstyles. The use or lace , satin also became more frequent. Saris became a symbol of simplicity and purity. The names of saris depends on different regions and the use of languages. The western world focused on the use of two pieced suits ,long collars and pitched waists ,etc.

  1. Post 1990s

This age was classified as the age of cinema . Retro style was trending. This age also brought up the rise of disco and shimmer. Alot of accessories and use of colours. Women actively participated in the film industry ,with so much multidiversity in fashion and trend. Women made bold choices and gave it a chance to experiment , nonetheless.

  1. Fashion today

Men and women became more independent in this era and so clothing became stylish and revealing. Unique ,chic , personal and bold became the new style. Ethnicity never died and fusion wear was also on the rise. The fashion world continued to evolve.

It is fascinating to see women break barriers with regards to fashion and overcome judgement.


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