We live in an era of millennial’s. With so much advancement, we need to learn to embrace change. As we move towards progression and development, our workplace too , encourages diversity. Diversity breeds innovation and innovation leads to success. In the fashion industry too, promoting inclusiveness and developing open minds is a need . A diverse workforce brings a different perspective on things, experience and a variety of ideas. Managing diversity could be an issue ,as it affects the environment. Though it is a problem in the fashion industry, it is being encouraged today. Here are a few areas in which it is being worked upon:-

  1. Culture

The issue of cultural diversity in the workplace , especially in the fashion industry has always been a hindrance. Today however, modeling agencies encourage various ethnic groups. Two or three backgrounds being mixed together is nog cultural diversity river. The minority culture should be represented adequately and hit the spotlight.

  1. Gender

Whether in the corporate world of otherwise, gender bias has always been an issue. Women have always suffered due to  bot being represented adequately, and must importantly glass ceiling effect. To climb the ladder of success, the woman have not been encouraged. And hence, in the fashion industry , even though people may consider it as a shameful vocation, we believe women form the major portion of the industry , today. The industry helps eradicate stereotypes .Not just that the industry is moving towards gender fluidity. Men wear skirts, heels and frilly tops . This kind of experience normalizes what people wear . Women  in the fashion industry are confident, creative and rational.

  1. Body proportion

The emphasis on beauty and physique in society, mostly, in the fashion industry is something that has always been a trouble. Today, agencies are trying their best to incorporate plus size models, too. No worries, if you are fat, you need not be thin and lean , the fashion industry welcomes everyone. It has something to offer for every body type. Though the fashion industry is not completely there yet, in time we hope for an all inclusive body type.

  1. Color

Racism has been a serious issue since the olden times. The myth is that the modeling industry looks for fair, thin and lean models. The people of all color are encouraged and that is the truth. The modeling industry does not look for your color, but the complexion and personality hidden behind . The modeling



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