Academics can get frustrating. It’s not something you always do out of choice. Higher education is a part and parcel of your career. At times you need a break. You need to engage in leisure or do something adventurous. But if you still love learning, take up a course. This could be something you do along with academics or on taking a year drop. It could range from anything that interests you to something in line with your hobbies and passions. Remember, this will never be a waste and will help you at some point or the other in your life. Here are a few suggestions of courses you could possibly enroll for:-

  1. Photography

If you are good at capturing the best moments, be a photographer. There is something new to learn everyday. You have got to be creative, good at noticing details, spontaneous and quick. If you are good and communicating and telling your story through pictures, get a photography course done.

  1. Event management

Do you feel the need to host an event? Or even if you are good at organising ,take an event management course. This is most likely in demand, today. It makes you responsible and committed. You can also start your own business and company, on developing networks.

  1. Animation

The demand for this course is increasing in the media industry. The need for animation in movies, TV shows and blogs in on the rise. If you have an interest in motion, editing, or are just attracted to making something look more attractive you should find out about the field.

  1. Graphic designing

This course is not the same as animation. With the help of graphics, you can speak more through pictures and less through words. You need to be innovative, open to ideas and skilled at what you do. The work you provide should stand out and be different from what people would do. Also, jobs in the sector are quite flexible.

  1. Beautician

This is a very short term course and comes in handy. Today, there is a high demand for some good beauticians, because people come with unique demands of their own. Be it a boy or a girl, this job suits both.

  1. Fashion designing

The fastest growing industry is fashion. The demand for dressing is on the rise. People come with vivid designs and patterns, and you as a designer can help fulfill our demands. The need for fashion designers in on the rise.

  1. Cooking

Now you might say that this is not something you should learn. Cooking just happens. However, it is better if you take a course. When you learn from the experienced, you will get a better exposure on the topic. Also, first hand experience works wonders. You can get your doubts cleared one and one. Practical experience, under professional guidance will help you overcome mistakes.


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