Turning 40 is a nightmare. Someone above 40 are worried not just about their health but about your physique, looks and dressing too. You are not old at 40. That is just a stereotype. You can wear the best clothes and still look good. All you need is some tips and a good dressing sense. Here are a few things you must follow in this case:-

  1. Know your body type

When you are 40 you must go for clothes that do not accentuate your body type. Go for loose clothing. Choose a loose top with loose with loose sleeves or some cargo pants.

  1. Simple over chic

You are fashionable when you are stylish. Wear simple clothes. Avoid  ripped jeans, skirts, minis or anything above your knees unless your body permits you to do so.

  1. Do not ditch accessories

Whatever age you might be, do not ditch accessories. Accessories will make you look good . Instead of going for heavy jewelry, go for simple jewelry. Try handmade jewelry, it will suit your look. Go for a pair of sunglasses sometimes.

  1. Shoes

With regards to shoes, go for mid heels. Too high heels will be too difficult for you to cope with. Mid heels will suit your age and look too.

  1. Fit but flare

Go for mid length dresses that are fit and flare at the bottom. These will make you look simple yet stylish at the same time. You won’t believe till you actually try it out.

  1. Boyfriend clothes

Boyfriend clothes are simple and comfortable. But these clothes are indeed comfortable. If you choose a boyfriend top or jeans choose the right pair.

  1. Try online shopping

Online sites offer the best clothing for women above 40. The clothes online are available in a variety of colours, designs, style and fit of your choice.

  1. Hair and makeup

Try makeup not foundation. Trim your hair often and leave it loose. At times, you could try different hairstyles depending on your clothing.





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