Being in a business expects you to develop relationships with others. You must be a people person and interact with others. In order to be a good business person, the clients you meet should be comfortable with you. Maintaining these rules even under pressure is not an easy task. Courses and some amount of training will help you develop these basic etiquettes. Firstly, you need to know what these etiquettes are. Here is a list of a few you must follow:-

  1. Know your team members personally

It is better you know your team members personally. This will help to acknowledge and provide feedback when needed. When you acknowledge people personally, this will increase self esteem and boost confidence.

  1. Do not judge

Stay neutral. Do not judge your team members. Treat everyone with respect and you will get it back. Everyone is unique in their own way and has a different way of dealing with situations. By not judging you create a friendly environment and people will function more openly.

  1. Do not just barge into someone’s personal space

At work, it is a professional environment. And therefore, you have to respect for your fellow employees, moreover those above you. So do not intrude anyone’s privacy. If your co worker is busy and you have some urgent work with them, wait for a few hours. If they’re still not available, leave a mail.

  1. Maintain a formal code

Always maintain a professional code at work. Whether it’s interaction or even introducing yourself. Maintain a formal dress code. Make sure you have a formal email ID and also use formal language while communicating via email.

  1. Do not eat at your desk

If you eat while working, it portrays a very indecent behaviour on your path. Keep your food to your kitchen. Eat your food during your breaks, preferably with your colleagues and dispose of trash in the waste bucket.

  1. Beware of your body language

Notice your body language. Handshake is the most common and professional gesture. Maintain eye contact, smile often and keep a good posture. Arrive on time. Knock before you enter. These are common rules you must follow at work.




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