You have got to mold your behavior. And this happens right from childhood. Childhood is the best time teach your child good behavior because that lasts a lifetime. A good behavior, will take you places. It’s never too late to develop good behavior and learn to behave well in public. Here are a few tips based on the same:-

  1. Stay calm

Always stay calm. Do not panic do not lash out. There will be situations when you may not know what to do or how to function. You will find a way . Lean to handle your emotions, especially your anger. Respond to situations in a positive way.

  1. Be cooperative

You have got to develop a cooperative behavior. Being a team person will help your work done conveniently and faster. Success does not come alone. It is a matter of team work. Learn to mix around with other people. Nothing happens alone. You will have to develop networks and friends if you want things to work out.

  1. Be humble

However big you grow up to be and whatever level you have achieved always remember you started small. Always stay humble. Do not let your success overpower you. Your success will mean something if only you stay humble while you are at the highest level of success.

  1. Listen to yourself

Respect yourself. If you have set a plan, stick by it. Listen to yourself. Because only you know what’s best for you. Listening to yourself will take you places. Ask yourself why you doing something. Do something only if you have a reason too.

  1. Listen

Always listen. People will have something to tell you only if you want to listen. Everyone is probably going through something. Listening is a sign of good behavior. Listen with the intention to be heart.

  1. Always greet

Greet people when you meet them. Acknowledge those around. This is a sign of good behavior. No one deserves to be ignored. It is important to greet those elder than you. Greet others even if they di not greet you first. Be the bigger person.

  1. Speak well

Communication is the key. Learn to speak well. Use the right words. Think before you say something. Be kind with your speech. Do not argue, negotiate or grumble. Your speech will determine how far you can get your work done.






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