The key to effective communication is feedback. This will help you understand if you have got your point across in the way planned. Just giving and receiving information is easy. Put all the jargon in the middle really isn’t. Communication is an important process at all levels. Your level of communication will help understand your personality and character. The more you communicate, the better you will find your life function. However, at times it may not go as planned. A few concepts might hinder the process. These are as follows:-

  1. Stereotypes

These are certain fixed judgments about people. If you are stereotyped in a certain way, the opposite person will not have a free environment of discussion with you and vice versa. Moreover, topics of taboo like religion, sex, and politics also hinder the process and restrict level of information.

  1. Language

Language has been the most important barrier. The receiver may not understand the language used by the sender. The information may not be understood by either of them at times. At times, there could be difficulty in understanding accents. Faults in speech may also affect the process.

  1. Probing

When someone it trying to talk or share information, it is better you let them do so. Interfering will only ruin the process. Moreover, probing or asking questions only affects the flow of communication.Ask only that is required. Too many questions will only make the sender feel like their information is inadequate or that they are not easy to be understood.

  1. Psychological state

The process of communication will be disturbed when you are sick, stressed, disturbed or sad. Also ,your self esteem , confidence ,may not let you communicate freely and act shy and hide embarrassing moments or anything that troubles you.Your attitude including low motivation and resistance to change will also block effective communication.

  1. Gender

Gender will always remain an issue. Mostly at the corporate level. Women are always compared to men and always looked down upon to looked down upon. Women are not listened to and neglected no matter whether they are on top or subordinate. Due to the location of certain parts of the brain comparing women and men, men speak in a logical way while women and more emotional and tend to speak longer than women.

  1. Interpersonal

These issues exist between two people. It usually happens when one person does not want to stay in contact or refuses the other persons opinion, thus causing blockage in communication. Manipulation, cheating, bargaining are other issues that could create a barrier in communication.



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