As individuals, you are constantly burdened with so much to handle. Life at work or at home can often get taxing.  And therefore, you need a break. There are times when all you should do is just sit and relax. Try not to engage in any kind of productive activity. You are human and not a machine. Get a break, get some peace. While you use your mobile phone for other purposes, it’s time you take time out and use it to get some quiet. Herr is a few apps that will help you get some peace:-

  1. Headspace

Lately, this has been the most trending app lately. The app sets you different sessions itself. And thereafter, you get notifications, which remind you about your session through the day. The voice stimulator helps you stay calm and follow each instruction given.

  1. Calm

This app is totally like headspace. However, the difference is that the sessions are much longer. It does not involve talking, but involves a mixture of nature sounds and some soothing music. Music will always help you relax. Topics include managing stress, gratitude, happiness, etc.

  1. Colorfy

Here is some kind of a therapy. Not sure the usual apps. This app is a sort of digital coloring book, used by adults and not just children. The art of colouring is relaxing and peaceful.

  1. Happify

An app related to psychology. Happify provides behavioral, cognitive therapy and mindfulness. The app helps you remain happy and satisfied. The uplift game helps you get rid of negative bias.

  1. Mindshift

Mindshift is like your therapist. The app caters to all ages, but particularly to teenagers and young adults. The breathing techniques and tools, help take away anxiety and leave you totally stress free.

  1. Mindmeister

Like a mind map, it helps you figure out what is actually bothering you. Helps you map the way you think, drop it, store it and share it with others, too.

  1. Mi Fit

This app is helpful if you use a fit bit. It helps track your sleep and provides you suggestions on how to live a stress free life. Moreover, helps you get enough exercise to reduce anxiety.


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