Planning for a vacation is a very crucial step. Going on a vacation does not happen overnight. It will require days of planning. Take utmost care of the outfit you choose , shoes and luggage. Going on a vacation ,you need to make sure you are comfortable in what you wear. Noticed the celebrity airport look ? You will always spot them in the most casual clothing. Pack your clothes for the vacation depending on the temperature of the place ,the places you will be visiting and your comfort level. Here is some advice to offer on vacation outfits and a few apparels you should consider wearing . You could take these tips from celebrities ,models ,bloggers and not forgetting ,social media. Here is a list of them:-

  1. Casual clothes

Casual clothes is something you’d carry without giving it a second thought . A loose comfortable T-shirt , could be paired with denims or ripped /boyfriend jeans. Don’t forget to carry your pair of sneakers .

  1. Jackets

A jacket could be worn as a perfect layer over a dress or any casual top. Very comfortable and suits the summer theme. The perfect shade of denim goes with almost anything.

  1. Maxi dress

A airy dress is a symbol of a summer outing. It’s the best outfit you could wear on a beach. Pair with cute sandals and a hat , maybe.You could also wear this for dinner or any formal outing on a vacation.

  1. Ethnic clothing

Take a break from western clothing. To conform to Indian standards ,wear a kurta of a kaftan. This would be perfect if you are traveling to any religious place in the country.

  1. Carry enough accessories

Accessories does not just mean jewellery. It could range from scarves to sunglasses. Also ,pack shoes and purses that will suit all the outfits you have packed.

All this is now with regards to the outfits you should carry. Here are a few suggestions on how to pack light and smart :-.

Carry multiple colours ,just so you can mix and match everyday . In this way you will have a variety of outfits to wear everyday. Know the weather of the place you are visiting. Also ,try and visualize the place. Make a list of all the activities you are planning to do and accordingly you can carry the clothes you need. Pack thin layers of clothing. This will give you alot of space for outfits without consuming too much of your packing space. Avoid carrying toiletries. This will only damage the delicate clothing you might have packed. Pack light and also pay careful attention to the type of baggage you carry. Mostly ,carry a bag pack or a carry on. Packing light serves an advantage of mobility. It is the best way to avoid long queues at the airport.

Packing light will help you enjoy the freedom of ditching suitcases forever!


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