Accessories are a women’s best friend. But we cannot just categorize jewelry as accessories. Accessories include everything ranging from bags ,belts ,hats to every add on you can match with the outfits you wear. Women maintain a wardrobe and make sure they upgrade it ,with every changing season. This is to make sure you keep up with the changing trend and fashion. Who does not love dressing up? We belong to that era ,where both men and women , whether young and old are trendy and fashionable. Here are a few must haves a women should have in their wardrobes , something they can match with their apparels irrespective of season :

  1. A white top

A casual white top is needed for your usual outings. You can wear this on jeans or any other pair of pants . This will help you have different outfits , everyday. Moreover ,you can accessorize this with any kind of jewelry ,not necessarily considering the season.

  1. Black dress

You can wear a black dress for any formal outing or business meeting. It gives you an elegant and formal look. You can also pair this with a sweater or a jacket. It will make you look just right for any event or occasion.

  1. Boots

You can wear boots not just in the rain ,but also in the winter. You can wear boots over jeans , denims and even a dress. High boots or cowboy ,does not matter.

  1. A black blazer or a jacket/ cardigan

Choose a blazer with a blend of formal and casual look. Black can be worn over any other color. It can be worn for a formal event over a pencil skirt or when you go out with your friends over a skirt or jeans. When you wear it for a formal meeting ,it is advisable to wear a buttoned shirt beneath. But any casual top underneath when you go out with friends. A jacket and cardigan suits any season. It helps to make you stand out and gives you a stunning look.

  1. Handbags and slings

Hold a variety of bags for different purposes. An over sized ,a sling ,a clutch or a bag pack. You can carry a sling to the beach ,a clutch to a function and a formal bag to a formal dinner. Keep in mind you carry the right type of bag on the right kind of outfit.

  1. Scarves and headgears

The best type of accessory for a season like winter. Scarves can be worn on any casual outfit. You can also try a variation in the way you tie your scarf of different prints and colors. Head-gears including caps ,hats are a cool accessory on skirts , dresses or jeans.


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