Health is wealth! Indeed that’s true. A healthier lifestyle ensures longevity. It’s time to live a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Living a healthy life will help you work on other sectors in life. By maintaining wellness ,you take care of yourself and others. Here are as few areas to work on to maintain a healthy lifestyle:-

  1. Food

Maintain a balanced diet to stay slim. Obesity can cause a variety of diseases and have a bad impact on your health. Include vegetables and fruits ,wheat and wholegrain , poultry and farm products. Cut down on junk and snacks. Eat small portions of food rather than large ones. This will prevent you from eating more than you need. Avoid sweet and fatty foods. However ,foods like sweet potato will help work on your immune system. Green tea is a great supplement to pump your immune system. Hot water with lemon ,will help enhance digestion and keep your system clear. To increase the amount of vitamin D in the body , expose yourself to the sun early in the morning. Drinking a lot of water ,will keep you hydrated.

  1. Exercise daily

Exercising is the best option to keep you fit and healthy.  Make sure however ,that you take this seriously. Exercise could include anything from just running , biking , walking for just 15 to 20 minutes each day. Focus working out on all those beach muscles. Push ups , pull ups for the arms ,sit ups and crunches for the abs and squats and lunges for the legs. Dancing ,zumba and aerobics will also work the best. Lifting weights c, even shopping bags will help. Take the stairs instead of taking elevator. Cycle or walk instead of using public transport. These are simple ways to meet your goal. Exercise is a powerful vaccine against sickness and ageing.

  1. Avoid substance abuse

Do not smoke. Smoking adequate levels is not an excuse. Smoking can cause serious diseases of the liver and cancer. Regulate your alcohol intake. Too much alcohol will lead you to get addicted and have serious health implication.

  1. Engage in leisure and building relationships

Make time you do something out of schedule. Everyone gets tired of routine. Do things that make you happy. Watch movies, play ,go for outings , travel. There is no age limit to having fun. Most importantly , keep in touch with family and friends. Human beings need social contact. This will bring you joy and happiness. Moreover , your friends and family will serve as motivation to reach your full potential. There are the ones you look up to in times of both joy and despair.

  1. Erase negative emotions

Stress will only deteriorate your health. Think happy ,be happy. Look at life as ,’ the glass in half full’ . Don’t put yourself down during tough times. There is a lot more coming your way.Believe in yourself. Love and embrace yourself. Keep your thoughts clear and let your happiness not depend on other people. You are enough!


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