The more you engage in any kind of exercise , the better you are able to stay fit and thereby perform physically better. Just a necessary amount of exercise will help you perform better physically and emotionally. Our bodies work like automobiles , just like fuel work for engines ,so does out body need the worse kind of exercise as fuel. However , the more the gains there also exist some kind of misconception about the term. Here is a list of the few misconceptions that people tend to believe:-

1 . Warm ups are not necessary

People believe that there is no need to engage in any kind of warm up before actually beginning to exercise or gym. Exposure your muscles to direct exercise may cause your muscles to turn sore and cause injury. And therefore ,a few stretches before actually starting to exercise , will help muscle recovery , increase strength and gave physical and mental benefits. Without warm up , you never get enough from your exercise.

  1. Pasta serves as the best pre workout meal

Pasta does not help at all. Though pasta may help in restoring energy ,it does very little in this way ,but only adds to increase fat content in the human body. The best for however ,is cereals ,milk , vegetables that are rich in protein and starch , giving your body instant energy.

  1. Crunches are the only option to get a six pack

Everyone young and old alike are fooled by this misconception. But the truth is ,no amount of crunches alone will be enough to give you a six pack. Firstly , gaining a six pack depends on body fat and abdominal development. And if you think that burning that level of fat through crunches or any ab exercises will help you build a six pack , you are mistaken.Instead , plan a healthy diet and work on other kind of training.

  1. Exercise need not last for an hour

Research states that 150 minutes every week of any physical activity will provide excellent gains. Only stretching is not the best kind if warmup. Exercise needs to involve all your body muscles to work together. Though the notion No pain ,no gain is true ,make sure it is no good if it does not benefit the old.

  1. Drink water in excess

Studies show that chugging results in decreased performance b thank drinking only when thirsty. Taking in too much  fluids ,sodium levels may become low , leading to dangerous conditions . And therefore ,drink only when you are thirsty.

  1. No sex before a marathon

Abstinence from sexual activity ,is a positive indicator to increase success in sports. Sex often leaves you weak in the legs . However , research suggests that sex before exercise does not have any negative effect ,provided there was no kind of alcohol intake ,drugs ,lack of sleep. Moreover , there exists a gap of approximately 2 hours. Also ,there exists individual differences on how it impacts person to person.

  1. Exercise is the only way you can lose weight

Losing weight is one of the hard things you would go about with. Our body shape is determined by what we eat and metabolic rate. The best techniques to lose weight could be a nutritious , low calorie diet , obviously involving daily physical activity.

  1. The more the better

Is this true? Certainly not . Because people who engage in alot of exercise do not necessarily burn calories after a certain point. Continuously increasing your capacity , may also have serious effects on your performance. Quality in this case ,weighs more than quantity. Hence ,it is not the amount of time and energy you invest in ,your work out session ,nut the quality of exercises you perform.








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