The level of a productive day depends on planning and appropriate time management. If you have a busy schedule ,yet have to groom yourself every morning ,you need a few  hacks. With the scorching hear in Mumbai and the pressure to keep up with fashion ,you must learn some easy 5 minute hairstyles ,that will spare you some time and leave you looking gorgeous. Here are a few suggestions of some quick 5 minute hairstyles that will  leave you looking fabulous , whatever the event and hair type you may have :-

  1. Twisted ponytail

This hairstyle will not even take you less than 5 mins and yet leave you with a glamorous look. Ponytails are very easy go to hairstyles and literally suit every outfit. First of all part your hair and tie a side ponytail. And with your front hair you can style it up in three different ways. Either a side twist ,criss cross strands or just a braid.

  1. A side bun

Side buns suit best Indian women . Moreover it goes well om ethic clothing. It offers people a stunning look and feel. Tie your hair at the base. Gather strands . Comb them backwards. Roll these strands up. And secure a bun. And you’re free to go outdoors.

  1. Beach waves

Waves make the best hairstyle for any occasion. You will have to wash your hair the previous night. Comb through to remove all knots. Take each strand and using a curling wand ,curl it up. To prevent the curled from interfering with the non curled ,roll the curled strand up. Once you are done , leave your hair loose and with your fingers just comb through. Use a protective spray to keep the curls intact.

  1. Half crown braid

The best part about the braid is that it will help you not get irritated by hair on your face.

First you take around half a inch of hair over your left year , split in three parts and tie a braid. Turn it round to the back of your head and tie it up with an elastic. Do the same with the ride side of your hair too. Bring it together as one braid and secure with bobby pins.

  1. Messy bun

The messy bun hairdo is the most quick and effortless one. You can do this while you’re buddy with something else ,or even at the very last minute. If you are having a bad day and literally no time for anything at all ,go for this easy peasy hairstyle. This can be done in many ways. The easiest way would be to . Flip your hair downside and tie it into a ponytail. Next ,wrap your hair round the base of the ponytail and continue to do it till the end of the tail. Secure it then ,with a hair elastic and bobby pins too.

  1. Swept aside

This hairstyle will give you a old classic Hollywood look. All you have to do is ,sweep a large portion of your front hair and pin it up to the side. Do the same at the back and get all the leftover hair to the front. You can either leave it that way ,or maybe curl or straighten the hair left loose.

  1. Hair bow

Don’t have a bow to match your outfit? Your hair can do it now . This serves as a kind of accessory. Take two strands on either side of the ear and make a bow out of it. Pretty easy and yet elegant.







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