Fitness is one area the young and old focus on . For fitness enthusiasts ,the right gym wear is essential. Wearing the right gym wear will help you feel comfortable ,improves performance ,prevents injury and also boosts your confidence. Due to the emerging fashion trend ,active wear has also gained a fashionable look. And thus fashion brands in active wear are bringing out a lot of new designs every season. Even though it must be just active wear ,you can look sassy ,stylish and stylish in the simplest of clothes. Here are a few active wear trends that you will enjoy :-

  1. Joggers

Joggers have been trending lately. Choose the right fabric. They can make you look stylish. You can pair these joggers with a tee , pullover or even a bra depending on your level of comfort.

  1. Leggings

Make leggings your all time option. These aren’t the leggings you used years ago. Instead these leggings are a part of the western style yoga. The fabric is thin enough to help you stretch out and make you feel comfortable all day along .

  1. Leotard

Leotards are the leader the gymnasts at all levels. They protect you while you run ,jump, dance the entire day. Leotards are just upgraded onesies. These are form flattering and body contouring.

  1. Shorts

For male and female use ,shorts are typically work in a warm environment to let air flow ,for the protection of legs. These come in styles such as baggies ,bermuda shorts, boardshorts, boxershorts and various other types.

  1. Tracksuits

Tracksuits will include two pairs of clothing ,a jacket and trousers. They are not only worn in contexts of sports ,but also worn for hip-hop and breakdancing. Most tracksuits have a meshinterior that allows you to wear it as bathing suit. Tracksuits over the years have replaced shell suits that were made of fibre.

  1. Sports bra

A sports bra was designed to provide support to female breasts during physical exercise. But today ,sports wear can also be worn as outwear during jogging. Also ,today there is an emerging challenge with regards to design. The normal ones are like a tank top.  But there are also those that are called stitchless bras ,compressed type and several other types.

  1. Helmet

Helmets are used to protect the head from injury. It is also used for other recreational activities and sports. Today they vary with regards to it’s design and type.

  1. Trainers

Trainers are basically sneakers used for physical activity ,but today are worn as everyday wear. Sneakers are also become a very important part of the hip hop and rock and roll culture.

  1. Jackets

Jackets are used over trousers or even leggings. Solely me for sports use , today jackets are used by rappers and dancers to establish the cool look.

  1. Tees and tops

This category of active wear comes in different brands. You may not only used for sports wear but also as casual clothing over shorts ,joggers ,tracks ,when you go for a stroll ,run or even a lazy walk.


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