The competition for a perfect physique and figure is around the corner. Whether young or old, women get the urge to see themselves in a bikini. Well, this is totally normal. However, our  society may not be very accepting about this. Yet it is time to break stereotypes and set a new path. Here are a few points based on the general outlook towards bikini models:-

  1. They come in all shapes and sizes

Remember, models come in all shapes and sizes. Gone are those days where the hunt for anorexic models got tedious. Today, plus size models have so much more to showcase than those with an hourglass figure. The entry of bikinis in all sizes, is a great start and sort of motivation to all women.

  1. Irrespective of color

We are a people belonging to the 21st century and as respected and valued citizens we accept diversity. Whatever profession, we encourage people belonging to different backgrounds and race. In a profession like bikini modeling, your skin is mostly exposed and therefore, even if you come from a colored background, you may still flaunt your talents.

  1. Definitely not nude

Women are trying their best to break stereotypes and move beyond their boundaries. This is only possible if, we let them be. Body shaming is a serious issue in the modeling industry. This pertains not just to bikini models, but regular models as well. They are often labelled as exposing or revealing. However, we need to realize that like you and me they are just trying to be the best in their professional life.

  1. Privacy is a right

Just because they volunteer for a photoshoot, that necessarily does not mean they do not have the right to privacy. Bikini or regular, any model in the fashion industry cannot be harassed outside the workplace for personal shameful demands. Moreover, just because they hold a little freedom with respect to their bodies at work, it is misconception that they engage in alcohol, drugs or any other indecent acts outside of work.

  1. Looks are not everything

The general outlook people have about models is that for them, look matters most. However, that is not true. In spite on spending years in the profession, models still are not comfortable with themselves. They have awkward shoots and are often very concerned about their dressing too.

  1. No matter what you have gone through or going through

It is believed that if you have been a victim of harassment, assault or any other kind of shaming in the past, you should stay out of the profession. Definitely not true. Instead it is time we encourage such models. Whether you are low on self esteem, confidence or even going through some sort of mental illness, this is your chance to bring out the best in you.




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