If you are new to working out , exercise machines are singing that you should be looking out for. As a beginner ,it is very important to use selected equipment. Due to s busy schedule , one may not find the time for outdoor exercises or hit the gym. Hence , people seek interest in equipment that could be used with ease ,at their own homes. The 4 pieces of exercise equipment for your home’s that are mentioned below will help you increase strength and provide training for the right body muscles:-

  1. A stationary bike

An indoor cycling bike ,serves as a substitute for a treadmill. Moreover ,it requires less space ,is mobile and can be easily stored in a small space. More than just losing weight, it has several benefits on your body and overall health. You may use it 2 or 3 times a week for 30 to 45 mins.

Helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Also,it is a part of exercising that is good for your lungs, thereby enhancing breath capacity. Helps tone your legs, gain muscles and improves endures. Reduces the risk of diseases like Type 2 diabetes and keeps you happy ,dude to secretion of hormones endorphins and serotonin, keeping you in a state of euphoria.

  1. Resistance bands

The benefits of these is that , you can carry them anywhere and everywhere you go. Very cost effective ,saves storage space. Made of rubber , with handles at the end , you can perform chest presses , triceps or bicep cuts and even squats , without using heavy weights. These bands are extremely simple for use and work on your muscles , stimulating muscles and bones. Also, they help boost stamina , provide flexibility . For athletes ,it is perfect to help maintain strength ,also reduces injury. Perform each at 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

  1. A gym ball

You don’t need a trainer, because you have a gym ball. Also known as an exercise or swiss ball. It is made of soft elastic , filled with air. It serves multi functional purposes. By using your abdominal and back muscles to balance the ball ,it greatly improves muscle tone and balance. Works on the abdomen and provides flexibility. The swiss ball as it is called ,builds abdominal and lower back muscles that protect your spine , maintaining core stability. Involves stretching and due to the type of rounded and smooth surface ,it ensures safe stretching.

  1. A jumping rope

Use your affordable jumping rope at least thrice for 10 minute rounds and you have worked your part for the day. Bad weather is definitely not an excuse ,this is an indoor exercise that helps burn calories. Moreover ,it helps improve your balance , agility and coordination between mind and feet. Due to constant jumping ,it increases bone density . Helps in toning muscle. Also , skipping provides a full body workout, not only for lower body but upper body as well. In comparison to running ,this puts less pressure on the joints.




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