A common trend occurring not only among the adult ,but also among young children is weight gain. Whom do we blame? The cause still seems unexplained , however ,it can also be genetic due to the excess supply of junk food ,as well as technology and turn you into a couch potato. Other reasons could be due to calorie intake and low level of activity. Weight gain may also lead to several diseases. And therefore , weight loss is a major concern. Exercise alone will not help. It is very important v to consider the necessary vitamins ,as a part of ones diet. Below are a few vitamins that will help fight weight gain:

  1. B Vitamin

Besides weight loss ,B vitamin deficiency leads to causing anaemia and reduction of the red blood cells count in the body. Also ,it helps in the conversion of fat and proteins into energy breaking down carbohydrates . To tackle the problem of weight loss , patientsare injected with the vitamin B 12 injection. These injections provide energy , thereby leading to a boost in metabolism and helps you cut down on unwanted pounds. These foods include grains ,brand ,leafy vegetables ,etc. Moreover , Vitamin B complex helps control appetite causing lesser food intake and control over weight gain.

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D improves the immune system and provides strong bones. Apart from this , research suggests that Vitamin D greatly helps reduce weight. It is said that people who are obese generally gave lower levels of vitamin D. Thus a higher consumption of food rich in Vitamin D will make you feel light. Vitamin D works as a fat melting mechanism. Moreover ,the Vitamin D keeps hunger under control and the body’s ability to utilize other weight losing nutrients such as calcium . Vitamin D can be found in some foods as well as frequent exposure to the sun or supplements may serve se alternative.

  1. Glutamine

A type of amino acid ,destroys the storage of dietary fats and thus helps in the regulation of body weight. Like Vitamin D ,it helps reduce cravings particularly for substances like sugar and alcohol. Glutamine can be obtained by eating food rich in proteins, serving as a weight loss mechanism. Burns fats , providing a lean and healthy video. The glutamine amino acid is responsible for the release of the human growth hormone , that enables metabolism ,thus burning fat that would usually get stored . It helps get rid of the flab ,sheds the pounds this helping you lose weight . Glutamine also works in favour of body building and athletes.

  1. Green tea supplements

The healthy beverage helping to manage hunger pangs. A cup of green tea every morning ,will reduce stress caused by weight gain. Green tea contains antioxidant compound ,known as catechisms, that are responsible for weight loss. Also ,you may find it hard to believe but green tea contains a huge amount of caffeine that further leads to weight loss. Moreover ,it increases the enzyme norepinephrine that helps break down fat. Green tea should be used in combination with exercise in order to obtain best results .


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