Health and fitness are two sides of the same coin. As millenials in a fast moving world , one tends to ignore the aspects of workout and exercise ,or even a healthy diet to stay fit. While for some who tend to be extremely health conscious ,go about consulting physician , nutritionist  or even trainers. A healthy workout , not only helps those obese ,but also helps you stay thin and lean. One may also surf the internet to gain tips on health and fitness. However , such information overload will drive you crazy. And hence the best way to stay updated is to subscribe to health and fitness magazines. Here are 3 best magazines that will provide you guidance with regards to your health and fitness queries:-

  1. Self magazine

The self magazine ,issued it’s first copy in 1979 in the United States. Through their various editions ,Self focuses on making people understand the values of empathy ,inclusivity and accuracy. On the various platforms, Instagram ,websites , Snapchat ,news , that they function on , they drive the audience vin order to freely express themselves in terms of health and fitness ,matching the goals of each individual separately. Focusing on woman’s health , beauty and well being ,it sells out more than a million editions per year thus becoming the most popular health and fitness reads. The magazine covers topics ranging from beauty to health with reference to movies and TV shows . Provides you tips on how to go about your daily routines ,stated facts you may be curious to know. You may subscribe to these magazines via email in order to receive notification and a copy of the news letter.

  1. Psychology today

A magazine published bimonthly in the US ,in a language easy to follow . Psychology as a social science is a subject for the ordinary. And hence , through the magazine various topics success s relationships , sexuality , health ,work and other psychological aspects are dealt with. Through its blogs you can approach psychiatrists , psychologists and therapists ,etc to put forth your suggestions. Psychology forms the basis of human behavior. Once these aspects are regulated , individuals can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Moreover ,the magazines has tests ,that will help explore various aspects of self and discover your true self.

  1. Shape magazine

One of the best magazines placing emphasis on women fitness. In an age that is driven by physical appearance and beauty , shape magazine focuses on body building to get in shape. Moreover it also focuses on eating health , workout , weight loss , living healthy as well as topics related to sex ,the mind and conscious , travel, fashion, work and home. Also provides news on fashion and skincare, healthy eating tips and a lot more. The cover of the magazine displays various models ,who serve as an inspiration towards fit  bodies and beauty features.





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