Goa is an exotic place , whether you go alone or as a couple. The beaches , coconut trees and the less stressful life there makes you want to relax and spend some time quality time there with yourself or your partner. However , even if you have visited Goa often ,there is always alot more to explore everytime you go there . Something new to see and do everytime. If you are a photographer ,we’ll then ,you are at a greater advantage. Because Goa has the  best scenes and moments to offer for your clicks and candid . Here are a few unknown places in Goa that you might not have heard of :-

  1. Cumbarjuna canal

A narrow stretch of salty water ,up to 15 mtrs in length , connecting two rivers. One of the best places to watch crocodiles. It is believed that the crocodiles were kept to prevent crocodiles from keeping invaders from entering during the Portuguese reign.

  1. Netravali lake

This lake , in the village of Netravali has gained Pop due to its bubbles. These bubbles are continuous and rise with sound . A beautiful place , some believe it is the work of a deity while others believe it is science . No matter what ,you must visit to witness.

  1. Chorla ghats

Lies at the border of Karnataka and Maharashtra ,situated in Panaji it is a beautiful place with a beautiful scenery ,to capture the best pictures and not to miss out on the falls. The place also offers lush vegetation and a sight of some rare species.

  1. Chapora fort

Located right behind Vagator beach ,it offers a beautiful view of the beach and a variety of hotels nearby on reaching the top. Though the walk up is exhausting ,the breeze and satisfying view is worth noticing. On the way ,you will encounter vendors selling mementos. Do not forget to capture the view from the top and stop by to click a few pictures on a rocky climb.

  1. Harvalem falls

A prominent tourist location in Mapusa , should be visited during the monsoon. The place comes with some history. A beautiful park situated nearby offers an elegant view of the waterfall. Rocks ,caves and temples can be found nearby.

  1. Rivona caves

The caves are located in South Goa ,we’ll connected with Quepem and Margao. The place has some hidden spots where you can capture beautiful pictures. One of the finest examples of Buddhist influence on Goa.

  1. Kakolem beach

Known as the Tigers beach ,it is one of the most secluded beaches. This serves as a perfect spot for pictures solo or as a couple. It’s majestic cliffs and crystal clear waters make it Goa’s hidden gem.

  1. Chorão islands

Largest among the 17 islands in Goa. Though this place is secluded and a hilly area ,it is green with lush vegetation and a variety of plants and trees around.

  1. Mormugoa harbour

A hub of maritime trade in Goa. Also played a role in the 1980 war film “The sea wolves”. Perfect for people or couples who love the marine life and everything about it.

  1. Savoi spice plantation

Not well known , this place includes a terraced field valley  , exotic cuisine ,also can enjoy elephant bathing , and spot a diversity in birds.






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