Associating with luxury brands is a prestigious talk. Owning something that is the brand, gives you the power, status and respect in society. Owning expensive things today, get you respect. Or else, man is not really important. Though these brands were only once popular among the elite, today even the middle class find the need to own something related to these brands. Here are a few top 10 luxury brands that are popular all over the world and you must own:-

  1. Gucci

The highest selling Italian brand, Gucci is known to be the highest selling brand in Italy. Also, it has nearly more than 600 stores offline and a few online. Since, it has global recognition all over the world it comes to be known as a luxury brand.

  1. BMW

Renowned luxury brands for cars. Known for its sleek and smooth rides. The brand is valued all over the world, holds great economic value and is owned by the business class.

  1. Versace

Versace is only a rising brand. Founded in the year 1978, is considered luxurious, wealthy and holds high value in the market.

  1. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a top powerhouse in the fashion industry. A luxury brand for clothing, perfumes, belts, as well as for accessories. Also, it holds the most employees in the market.

  1. Dolce and Gabbana

Founded by Italian designers, D and G is a brand that needs little introduction. The brand also comprises of cosmetics, watches, jewelry and a lot more.

  1. Zara

Zara is popular worldwide and is soon opening outlets in various countries. Specializes in clothes for men, women and children.

  1. Fendi

Tending owns clothes for three generations down the line. The brand has also made its way in the hottest brands in the world. An Italian based luxury brand, Fendi specializes in handbags know as Baguette.

  1. Rolex

Very famous for its wristwatches. Started in London, today has its headquarters in two countries. The watches are designed, manufactured and serviced by the brand itself.

  1. Nike

The top known brand all over the world for athleisure and sport clothing, shoes and other accessories. An American company, it is the largest athletic company with stores worldwide.

  1. Armani

An Italian luxury fashion house, founded 1975, dealing with clothes, accessories, perfumes, eyewear and home interiors.




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