10 lesser known beaches in Goa

Beaches are the essence of Goa. They are the must visit spots on your vacation to the place. While couples go there to celebrate their destination weddings ,you may just want to laze around and witness the sunset. The shacks by the beach ,along with the music ,food and drinks are all soothing. The multitude of beaches have a lot to offer. While there are beaches tourists frequently visit ,there are some that are only known by the locals. These are the lesser known ,due to reasons of their own. Here is a list of such beaches :-

  1. Majorda beach

The beach is located around 4 km from Margao ,a little in the interiors. The beach comprises of water sports ,is beautiful band clean. Also ,the very famous ‘Martins corner’ is right around the place. It has the best variety of sea food to offer and karaoke for those who love some singing , while the place also provides accommodation. Known also for the Goa Christmas Carnival ,this festival is filled with fun and high tea offered at this time.

  1. Cavelossim beach

A beach in South Goa ,known for its contrasting black rocks and white sand. This is known for speed boats diving ,water games and also dolphin watching. The beach looks beautiful with paddy fields in the backdrop and creates a lovely ambiance.

  1. Butterfly beach

A hidden gem of the tiny state. 37 Kms from Margao ,it offers the best scenery and privacy ,with glowing crystal clear waters. Lies amidst a forest ,no roads here reach the place. Behind the beach is lush and green vegetation. Semi circle shaped landscape ,butterflies flying over the hilltop and acrobats of dolphins are all a view worth noticing.

  1. Mandrem beach

The beach is well connected to the main city. Perfect place for honeymooners. Calm , quiet and secluded , visitors enjoy a dip in the cold water. Beach side vendors sell mementos that you should pick up. Also ,do not miss on the fried fish and iced drink on the shacks.

  1. Mobor beach

Right next to Cavelossim beach , is the fantastic picturesque place. Consists of ponds with lilies ,sandy dunes light in color and coconut palms. A variety of shacks offer inexpensive food and drinks and you can enjoy a sunbath here. River cruises , underwater fishing and oyster catching is  also encouraged.

  1. Arambol beach

Located in North Goa ,it is a secluded beach ,by roads through a channel of cashew trees getting you there. A traditional fisherman village , features a fresh water lake that merges with the sea. Serves as perfect spot for family and friends for swimming. Clean and well maintained ,it also offers accommodation and shacks that serve local cuisine.

  1. Kakolem beach

One of the most isolated and wild beaches of South Goa ,also known as the ‘Tiger beach ‘ ,as it is believed that it is a secret place to hunt tigers. No place to rest , snack or stay. These best place for picking and the guild and mountains behind the beach ,make for an excellent trekking route.

  1. Betalbatim beach

A stretch of Golden sand in South Goa ,18.5 Kms from Vasco da Gama . The place is filled with Indian tourists. A small beach ,also known as Sunset beach , because of the amazing view at dusk.

  1. Galgibaga beach

A beach to the south of Goa ,one if the lesser known and cleanest beaches in India. Located in Canacona region ,also known as the ‘Turtle beach’ and is used for turtles nesting between December and February. Swimming here is not safe ,but tourists do anyway. Crystal clear waters and silver sand , lined by coconut trees cast a spell on you.

  1. Velsao beach

Located northwards from Majorda and Colva in South Goa ,the beach is quite and breath-taking. Perfect to relax , sunbathe and stroll. Make sure you visit at dawn or dusk. Take your food ,leave the gadgets behind. The best way to attain some kind of beach therapy.



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