• ID: TA378443
  • Name : Shivkumar
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : India


      • ID: TA378443

        He is like that rain; you would love to get drenched in. The best model of Bangalore is groomed in Kaalia modeling agency, the only prominent modeling agency in Karnataka. His personality is like that of prince charming, extremely confident and versatile towards his work and career. He is very articulate and versatile person. He can be the most trustworthy person when it comes to working. He does all his tasks with great commitment.

        He has walked in many of the fashion shows and has acted in one Tamil movie. He has been shot for not just one or two, but many e-commerce advertisements. He knows exactly of how to pose while being shot. He has done 2 catalog modeling and fit modeling also. He is a very talented man, and we at Kaalia are happy to have him as our model.