• ID: TA536823
  • Name : Shikha
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : India

    Ever felt like you took a deep long breadth when someone walked in the door? That person walking could be none other than Shiksha. Honestly, she could be the most gorgeous woman, not just with a pretty face but with a great soul too. She loves walking in the parks or empty roads, she loves visiting beaches. Sometimes she even goes for fishing. She loves playing indoor games. She is very fond of getting clicked so keeps posing. Candid portfolios are her favorite. She aims really big, and which is believed to take her to higher peaks. She is very caring towards animals.

    Kaalia modeling agency, being the best one since last 15 years is very much proud of her accomplishments in terms of acting and modeling. She is a hardworking and inspirational model.