• ID: TA673255
  • Name : Rahul
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : India
  • Height : 6'1 (185 cm)
  • Chest / Bust : 105cm / 41'3
  • Waist : 83cm / 32'7


      • ID: TA673255

        Have you ever dreamt of something that has all you want, that’s Rahul in precise. When you look at him, he has all the qualities a person wants to himself. All the emotions flow through him. This is something that makes him such a good model and actor. Yes, you were taken aback now, seeing that he is an actor too. He is an exquisite piece of the human being, involving all the art. He got so many awards, just because of the complimentary qualities he has.

        He is a fantabulous person with a heart throbbing personality. And yes Kaalia modeling agency is proud to launch a talent like of his. We would be more than happy to get the model like him, as it requires a lot of dedication and commitment, which is hard to find in today’s era.