• ID: TA675227
  • Name : Neha


      • ID: TA675227

        she is a teen with a lot of dreams. She is in her 10TH standard now and she has aspired to become a model since long. Kaalia modeling agency, the most eminent modeling agency both in India as well as in international countries smelled her talent and passion for modeling and put her into the orbit of her aims. She is a very innovative person and loves trying new things. Also, she is very good with drawing, crafting. She also makes fabulous and tasty pastries. There are a lot of amazing things about her, she has represented Karnataka in throwball, that too twice. She was very much supported highly by her parents, in this path of her passion.

        She has also done a few short movie and done fashion shows for L’Oreal too. She is equally good with her subjects. Usually, agencies don’t launch teens, but Kaalia supported her.

        Dedicated, passionate and extremely confident are key qualities to define her. She loves playing football and traveling too. She is a shopaholic and is very fond of cycling.  She remains obsessed with her health and takes proper care of her diet too, which is very much important for a model. She is a really good dancer and has gained a lot of fame for that as well.