• ID: TA529807
  • Name : Milood

    You want butterflies in your stomach, look at her; all I could to describe this princess. This female model is very much fond of scuba diving and cycling. Milood is a superwoman, full of talents; she has experience in theatre also, and has made 2 short films as well. She has attained everything; a model aspires to; at the beginning of her career. Within a short span of time, she became the most famous model of Bangalore.

    She has received many awards as a beauty pageant. She has also walked a lot of ramps in Bangalore.

    She has done e-commerce shoot for grand ornaments companies as well. Since she has entered modeling industry, she has done extremely well. Kaalia modeling agency, the most famous modeling agency is very much obliged to praise her, as she turned out to be such a great model.