• ID: TA267001
  • Name : Hooman Irani
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : India

    This model personality hails from Iran, anyone will love the way he is driven. He possesses the personality required by anyone to become a fashion model. Definitely, you will get weak knees when he smiles. He has done a lot of e-commerce shoots. He is one shot model, when it comes to portfolio shoot, the kind of headshot he gives, cannot be given by other models after a lot of trials. He is very charismatic and adventurous.

    He is a very good dancer and singer also. Every time he dances, he claims without music he can hear the lyrics playing in his mind. It’s very difficult to find talents like this, and hooman says that he is lucky to find Kaalia modeling agency, the most famous agency in modeling industry in his path to success.