• ID: TA0003
  • Name : Aditya
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : India
  • Height : 6' (182 cm)
  • Chest / Bust : 97cm / 38'7
  • Waist : 77cm / 30'3

    ‘’He is the most wanted Munda’’, that’s all to say about him. He will make you want all of him, Mr. Perfect. The handsome hunk is here, and he will make you fall for every piece of him. With his look comes along his professionalism. Extremely focused towards his work and shows a disciplined attitude. He is very courageous and clear-headed in all terms. He is even working now for 2 movies at the same time and balances both of them in a proper way. The most admiring thing about him is the approach towards everything.  He is a self-reliant person

    Kaalia modeling agency, the most distinguished modeling agency among all in Bangalore, appreciates the way he has grown up in his career and we wish to see more of his success. We wish him all the very best.